Zipscreen External Blinds


Zipscreen External blinds are a new product to the Australian market specifically designed to create neat, easy to use sun protection for outdoor living patio areas and on the face of windows. By using a “zip” which slips inside a patented channel design, a blind is made that slides seamlessly within a channel.


The mesh fabrics used in Zipscreen blinds are designed to reflect the majority of the heat and harmful UV rays whilst not blocking light and vision. The heat is stopped before it even hits the glass of your window or door keeping your home cooler whilst still allowing natural light.




Durable fabrics: The fabrics we use are manufactured to suit Australian conditions. So durable, they’ll look great for many years.

Extensive range of styles & designs: The Zipscreen channels can be powder coated to suit your outdoor decor.

Technically superior materials: We make our awnings from components that have been engineered to last in Australia’s harsh conditions.

Control: No Ropes, Pulleys or Zippers - just easy to use springs or motors.


A Harlequin Blinds And Security consultant is able to guide you in the complete range of options available.

  • Available in clear PVC or close knit mesh fabrics
  • Spring operation or motorised
  • No Hood or Fully enclosed hood box systems available